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Bath Therapy

Woman taking a bath


Did you know that taking a dip in a hot and steamy bath can help you improve blood circulation, relax muscles, lower blood pressure, reduce headaches, and even lose weight? Take a look at these Health Benefits of Taking a Hot Bath for more information.


At 22 Slate, we invite you to relax this month by enjoying some time in your bathtub. Today, we’re sharing a few different things that you can do while relaxing in hot water.

  • Remember that bath time is “YOU” time. Enjoy this time alone by pulling out one of your favorite books, or a book that you’ve been dying to start reading! Bathtub caddies are perfect options for this, and Amazon has a wide selection to choose from. Or, if you’d rather write, the bathtub is a great place to clear your head and focus. Check out what Udemy has to say about writing a book for tips and pointers.

  • These DIY bath bombs are extremely easy and inexpensive to make; you also get to select the scent, which is awesome! Whether you’re deciding on bath bombs, bubble bath, or essential oils, choose something that you’ll love to make your bath-going experience even more relaxing.

  • For many people, listening to music while taking a bath is an essential part of relaxation. While there are many waterproof speakers available, we found this adorable snail shower speaker that you have to see!

  • Candles are also a great idea when taking a bath, especially if you’re looking for that added measure of relaxing ambiance. We recommend buying some of these Flameless Tea Lights, which flicker like a real flame without actually burning anything. When relaxing, it’s best to be safe — you don’t want to be worrying about open flames, especially if you have a lot of them.


We hope you take some time to enjoy a nice hot bath in your Madison, WI apartment this month. Let us know what your favorite bath time activities are by sharing in the comments below.