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Board Game of the Month: Trickerion

A magician

Today, we’re sharing one of our favorite board games with residents of our 22 Slate apartment community in Madison, WI! Looking for a board game to make heads turn during your next game night? Trickerion: Legends of Illusion is what you’re looking for!

From the box art to the board itself, Trickerion is a feast for the eyes. A beautifully intriguing city covers the board, offering endless mysteries about what’s to come. The cards tell a story — the artwork is a collection of stunning yet haunting magic tricks. How does one perform them? There’s a pile of components including rope, glass, and doves. How does one obtain those?

Trickerion happens to be a pretty hefty game and by this, we mean that there is a lot of stuff going on. First of all, the board is huge. With the main board, individual workshop boards, specialist boards, stacks of cards, dice, and piles of components...make sure you prepare enough space. Here’s a close approximation of the individual sizes of the boards:

  • Main board – 24 x 17 in. (61 x 43 cm)
  • Workshop boards – 11 x 9 in. (28 x 23 cm)

  • Specialist boards – 4 x 9 in. (10 x 23 cm)

The game takes place in the city of Magoria, where rival illusionists compete to ignite the streets with magic. There will be fame. There will be fortune. There will be illusions. What a time to be alive! Players spend rounds hiring specialists, collecting money from the bank, hiring apprentices, buying components for tricks, setting up performances, advertising, and stealing the stage. Of course, there are only so many resources that can help you succeed. So, hurry fast! If someone else buys the components you need before you make it to the market, you might need to make a quick change of plans.

While there are a lot of different parts to learning Trickerion, the concept is really quite simple and compelling: Players spend money on things that will help prepare a magic trick. Once a trick is learned, or purchased, players can send their specialists or apprentices to their workshop to prepare the trick. If they have purchased the correct components to prepare it, that trick is ready to perform.

Some things we like about Trickerion:

  • The art on the boards, cards, components…it’s all very well done and beautiful

  • It was really neat seeing how they incorporated the seats in the theater to be the scoring track

  • The theme really pulls through to the gameplay (magicians…who doesn’t like that, right?)

Some things we don’t like:

  • This game can take a long time (we’re talking hours!). Of course, the more you play the faster each preceding game will be.

Despite the play time, Trickerion is a solid game that would be a brilliant addition to your game collection. Looking for a magical challenge in September? Play Trickerion. If you like magic, then this game is a perfect match for you!