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How to Save Money when Grocery Shopping

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Saving money when grocery shopping doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, there are quite a few things you can do before and after you’ve left the apartment to start saving. We’ve compiled just a few suggestions that we think are sure to help this month as you strive to save your money when grocery shopping here in Madison, WI!

One of the first steps to saving money when grocery shopping is to ask yourself, “What am I shopping for?” Figuring out what’s for dinner is often a “spur of the moment” decision, and it’s one that can cost you. Since food is something that we need each and every day, a good practice to saving money is to plan out your meals. Begin with a week plan, and when you’re ready, move to a month. Getting into this practice of planning out your meals is a great way to save money on take-out, and is a good way to make sure that you’re using all the food you purchase at the grocery store. If you need ideas for what to cook, skim the coupons that come in the mail. Find ways to make dishes out of the items that are on sale for a bonus hack!

In order for meal planning to be successful, a good idea is to make a grocery list — and stick to it. After you know what you’ll have for dinner during the week, writing down the groceries will be simple. Taking this list of specific items to purchase, with the intention to only buy what is written down, is important — especially if you’re shopping when you’re hungry. Combat that urge to buy unnecessary food products by sticking to the plan that you’ve written down.

When buying food, choose the generic instead of the name brand items. Most foods have a generic product that is almost identical to the name brand, and it’s usually a much more affordable option. But keep a close eye on this! Sometimes the generic actually costs more.

Well, there you have it! These are just a few ideas that can help you save money when grocery shopping. Try practicing a few of these and you’re sure to see a change in your wallet! Also, if you’re looking to save even more money while shopping outside of our 22 Slate Blog apartment community, get in the habit of bringing your own bags. Some stores offer a small discount (as low as five cents) just for using a reusable grocery bag! We know it’s small, but it can add up quickly.

Let us know if you have any money saving tips that have helped you when grocery shopping. Thanks for reading!