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Morning Coffee Alternatives

Cup of steaming coffe with a scattering of coffe beans to the side text reads Homemade alternatives to Your Morning Coffee

In 2013, studies showed that Americans drank close to 587 million cups per year (that’s a lot of coffee!), and it’s only increased over the years. If you’re a heavy coffee drinker, you should know about the negative health effects. You can learn about them by reading the 7 Negative Effects of Coffee and the Healthy Drink You Should Replace it With.

Our goal in today’s blog is not to make you stop drinking coffee. We do, however, want to share a few healthy alternatives that you can make in your own apartment in Madison, WI. Take this month to ease off the coffee a little to enjoy some of the benefits that these alternative drinks offer.


Barley coffee is a common drink, especially during times of economic struggle. It’s popular in many parts of the world, including Poland, and has a lot of health benefits.


One great alternative to coffee beans is chickpeas. These are a great source of iron and are great for digestive health; they also help with blood sugar regulation. When roasted and used in a drink, chickpeas give a similar taste to that of coffee. Check out this Chickpea Coffee Substitute Recipe for more information.


Another incredible alternative to coffee is Parsnip Postum Coffee, of which the creator of the recipe said, “I served some parsnip coffee to my husband recently; and he thought it was the real thing! I had to tell him what it was. Even then, I don't think he believed me: He was amazed!” Parsnips offer some incredible benefits for your heart, weight, and metabolism.

Well, there you have it: three alternatives to your morning cup of coffee. We hope that you make these in your 22 Slate apartment and take on the challenge of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Let us know in the comments if you’ve tried any of these. Thanks for reading this month’s post!