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Our Favorite Blog Posts of the Year

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Welcome back to the 22 Slate Blog! In 2018, we’ve shared posts about alternatives to coffee, saving money when grocery shopping, spring cleaning, choosing furniture — we’ve even discussed re-evaluating your resolutions for the year! Thank you for your continued readership. We hope to be a valuable resource where you can find helpful tips and information about our apartment community in Madison, WI, as well as apartment living in general. Join us as we take a quick look at our favorite blog posts from 2018. If you’re a resident of our apartment community, give a shout out in the comments below! Which blog post was your favorite of the year?

Top Blog Posts of 2018

Take a moment to review our favorite blog posts of the year.

Transform Your Apartment into an Escape Room

“Back in September, we shared a few suggestions to help you deal with boredom. One of those ideas was to visit a local escape room. If you don’t remember or have never heard about escape rooms until now, they’re basically team games where a group of people is locked in a room and are required to solve puzzles in order to escape. You’ve probably seen or played those games on your phone where you’re trying to get out of a room but have to find a key, solve riddles, etc… Same basic idea.”

Movie Adaptations Better than the Book

“Today, we’re getting ready for the upcoming summer season by sharing movies that are actually better than the books...We always hear the words “the book is always better,” but let’s see if we can reverse that.”

How to Overcome Your Fears

“Everyone fears something. It might be a spider scurrying across the kitchen floor. It could be the feeling of falling through the air, or someone jumping out from behind a closed door. Whatever they are, fears prove to be a challenge in our lives. Many people live as though governed by their fears as if what they fear defines who they are. Well, no longer does that have to be the case.”

Recipes that Make Mouthwatering Leftovers

“Today, the 22 Slate Blog has a few delicious recipes that were made to make leftovers shine. That’s right! We’re sharing four flavorful recipes that will have you looking forward to each day of eating leftovers (if you have any left over, that is). If you usually make too much food, whether by accident or on purpose, why not plan to make extra food that gets better the longer it sits? Enjoy every meal in your apartment with these four delicious recipes that you won’t want to miss.”