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Thanksgiving Balloon Decorations

Thanksgiving Balloon Decorations

Welcome back to the 22 Slate Blog, where we share apartment cleaning tips, movie recommendations, and information on the best restaurants in Madison, WI for our residents. As it’s now November, we thought it’d be fun to talk about decorating for Thanksgiving. How will we be decorating? Balloons! Won’t you join us?


One of the simplest decorating ideas in today’s post is inspired by A Beautiful Mess. Check out these pictures from their 2015 “Friends Giving” celebration. Hanging up letter-shaped balloons is an easy way to decorate without making a huge mess. You can find these balloons on multiple websites, including


One of the reasons we love decorating with balloons is that they’re generally affordable. These Autumn Leaf Geronimo Balloons are simple to make and are basically free (not counting the price of the balloons). Gather real or fake leaves (you’ll need about 1 grocery sack full) and follow these steps from A Joyful Riot:


— Thread a needle. It’s easiest to keep the thread attached to the spool while you make these so pull a small amount through and tie it in a little knot around the eye of the needle.


— Push the needle up through your leaves. You can even do a whole handful at once! Have them facing both ways (up and down) and push the needle through different parts of each for a more wild look, even try threading through the stems of some so they hang way out.


— I kept my thread organized and from coming out of my leaves by attaching a piece of tape to the ends. When I was ready to use, I filled my balloons and tied the thread around the ties! Depending on how much helium you have, and how heavy each leaf garland is, your balloons may rest at different heights. If you have a problem keeping them up, use a dowel rod to prop the balloon up.


Well, there you have it! We hope you enjoyed reading about these Thanksgiving balloon decoration ideas. To see some more — albeit intense decorations involving balloons, check out Pinterest. Have any decoration ideas of your own? Share in the comments. Thanks for reading. Happy decorating!